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MKM & Associates

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who we are

a one-stop shop service that includes
human resources management, financial advisory
services, and company registration.

M.K.M and Associates is one of Africa’s premier service providers that cater to international and multinational companies trying to get a foothold in sub-Saharan Africa. MKM and Associates offers a one stop shop service that includes human resource management, financial advisory services and company registration. The range of services offered ensures smooth running of start-ups or improving existing business operations.

MKM and Associates’ professionals ensure that your entry into the African sub-region is handled professionally as you would expect in any advance country, providing world-class, efficient and timely services at all levels of engagement.

We are into Human Resource Management

We offer our Human Resource Management services to corporate bodies in Africa including public and private entities by providing local and internationally experienced professionals for their hiring needs. We focus to deliver on specific needs and requirements whilst adapting to local context to provide you the best outcome.

Our labor brokerage service provides short-term and long-term contract expat solutions to multinationals, as well as International firms entering African countries. Our solid network in Africa and the world provides us with access to some of the best African talent in the global marketplace. Our dedicated Human Capital Consultants have hands-on experience in the fields for which we recruit and ensure that only the best talents are presented.

We believe in your business and even more in the individuals that make up your organization so we offer HR solutions that raise the level of the talent pool in your company. We screen all prospective shortlisted candidates and validate their background so any candidate you choose is as certain as their information provided.
Our clients know that quality performers are vital to gaining and maintaining a competitive edge and this begins with development of human asset. We focus on finding these gems for our clients to enable them maintain a competitive edge in their area of business.

We provide total client solutions through the following:

  • Quality manpower after a comprehensive selection process
  • Increase productivity by putting up the best candidates for selection
  • Screen and research facts of potential employees to ensure their background data collaborates with their CVs
  • Effect transition/orientation and induction of potential employees
  • Minimize recruitment costs

We also offer comprehensive functional review services to provide neutral insight of human resource issues and provide solutions to complete projects on time and within budget. We are committed to delivering efficiently and effectively, thus saving your company valuable time and money.

We do training at all levels for cooperate entities.


We strive to meet our client’s requirements at all levels and have a successful track record with numerous companies throughout Africa. Our goal is to provide our client with solutions that meet and exceed their expectations. 

We look forward to partnering with you to build a strong capable workforce for your company.

We Offer Advisory Services

MKM’s financial advisory service provides assistance to companies faced with opportunities for growth. We normally source funds for profitable growth companies that are led by outstanding management teams. Our primary focus is primarily on companies with revenues of $2 million and above that meet key profitability and growth requirements with base operations in Africa. We also look at companies with lower revenues depending on the growth potential.


Our approach is to partner with the management teams to identify value through their company’s organic growth equity (minority) and buyout (majority) investments to accommodate the needs of each investment situation.  The outcome of this could lead to a form of merger, equity participation, debt (short term and mezzanine) or provision of liquidity and/or reorganization. At MKM we are able to analyze your business and work with our global financiers to determine the type of funding best suited.

MKM have good relationships with global investors as well as many sources of debt financing which when appropriate, can be added to the investment capital structure or as a stand alone.
We have an experienced pool of professional with extensive global experience and our goal is to ensure that companies we engage do emerge stronger and smarter.


In our experience, the best investment opportunities are usually found through introductions from trusted sources. Thus we prefer company introductions from within our network of relationship of companies, however, infrequently, we have been engaged by companies that are not necessarily initially looking to raise capital but realize the value which comes from our investment advisory partnership.

At MKM, our goal is to create value for our clients.

Business Registration

We are aware of the complexities involved in company registration in this part of the world and although most countries are improving everyday it still requires significant expertise in structuring company set-ups from corporate registration, legal advisory and general local business insight to ensure smooth transition of your business to this part of the world. We work out the details with every organization relevant to the function of your business from the Registrar General’s Office to others like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Food and Drugs Board (FDB) and all other mandatory licensing and permitting government institutions within the best possible time, to get your business running on your planned schedule

Our Values

Quality & Excellence

We are driven by our promise to deliver the best in our services, thriving on the weight of our offerings and the uniqueness of our systems. We work for our procedures and business practices to reflect these values of quality and excellence.


We believe that our clients’ success translates into our success and vise versa so we regard you as our partner. We are resiliently dedicated to these partnerships and pay particular attention to each.

Our Clients

We have and continue to offer our services to a wide range of industries in Ghana, Africa and the world. The industries include Energy & Extractives, Telecom & ICT, Financial Services, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical, Insurance and Engineering & Construction.


Reason To Believe

Here’s why you should choose M.K.M & Associates

At MKM and Associates, we are Client Focused.

We take the time to listen, analyze and research to understand our clients’ needs in order to provide the best service possible. Our long-term vision motivates us to provide a good experience for the client so we can have a lasting relationship.

At MKM and Associates, we have the best Professionals

We know that companies come to us trusting us to provide the best candidates for employment or the best advice for their company’s benefit so we have equipped ourselves with top executives in a wide range of fields whose experience allows for the best output in delivering to our clients. We are linked to consultants and affiliates based in Africa and the Diaspora and work closely with them as needed.

At MKM and Associates, we have an Extensive Network.

Our reach in Africa and the Diaspora gives us access to the best talent and systems in the marketplace. We are linked to the best sources of high quality professionals who are based abroad and seek to work in Africa, and those with valuable local expertise gained through work experience within the region which includes locally based professionals, repatriates and expatriates.

Our Invitation to You

We believe in the growth and success of every single client and hold in esteem the role we play in helping you to attain that success. We are the company for your company. Our doors are open to you. Let’s do business.

find us here

AY 104 Ring Road Central, Accra,

we would like to hear from you

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